Please refer to the airtable "Sports" base to see how many games have been covered/remain per contract for the academic year

Now! The sooner you put in the request, the more likely we can put one of our top photographers on to cover, before they book themselves to cover another event.

Yes! If you know you want a game covered and have the day but not timing, please submit coverage request with 12am start time and leave the end time blank. Then include in the notes that game time is still TBD, and any info on your guess of game time, midday, evening, etc.

You can submit a coverage request for volunteer coverage and it will be listed as an available opportunity for photographers. However, keep in mind, KLC fotos does not -request- coverage for unpaid work so there is a chance that the event will not be covered.

Yes! Occasionally photographers who have signed up to volunteer change their mind and/or take a paying assignment instead last minute. A volunteer may also be trying something creative unique and not necessarily capture peak-action or the same number of images paid coverage would entail. If you -need- coverage for an event, it should be a paid assignment.

This is something the photographer can choose to accommodate on a case-by-case basis but should not be expected. If a visiting team needs coverage, please refer them to us for paid coverage. Keeping in mind, any time spent covering the opposing team, is less coverage that Cal is receiving.

Standard media day is now 2.5 hours for headshots, marketing, and a team photo. This excludes football which has longer days, and rowing which has 1.5 hours for headshots only

Per contract, we have one week to upload the full set. If your team or creative services need a faster turn-around time, please include this in the notes of your coverage request so the photographer can anticipate the need. We encourage you to put in your request early so that photographers and creative do not need to rush out content.

I don't want to ask a photographer to hold a date (and potentially turn down other paying assignments) and then have the event not happen. Please submit your request once the date and need for coverage have been confirmed.